Best Tips For SEO in 2021

Seo tips in 2020

SEO Search Engine Optimisation is a process of gaining traffic towards your business website by optimising the quality and quantity of your website content. According to Moz, the first page of Google captures 71% of organic search traffic and the average searchers won’t go past after results on the first page.

In this fast pace world, everyone wants quick results on google, by using these tips you can rank your website on Google Search Result Page(SERP’s).

  1. Make your website Crawlable :

Crawlable means that the links within your website are easily found by the google spiders or bots. By using Google Search Console, you can easily add sitemaps and make your website crawlable.

  1. Title and Meta Description :

Make the title and description of each page unique, Optimize the title and include your primary keywords and write a compelling meta description for each page and make sure your keywords are present in your meta description.

  1. Make Website SEO friendly and Responsive :

Responsive and SEO friendly websites are easily accessible on phone, tablets and PCs. It helps users to get the information about your service or products easily and it takes the attention of customers towards your business. By hiring web design Glasgow you can make your website responsive.

  1. Url Optimization :

Optimising URL means by adding your keyword in the URL which will make your web page URL SEO friendly.

  1. Image Optimization :

While adding images on the website, make sure your image size is not more than expected size and must be optimised by using alt tags, having a file name and that the image matches with your texts.

  1. Publish Reliable and Trustworthy Contents :

Content is the king in SEO when you write great content your chance for ranking is increased.  Always try to write compelling content for potential audiences to grab their attention which will help you to get traffic towards your website.

  1. Link building :

Always try to write good content. Good content helps you to get links from other websites. Linking building the best way to improve your search engine ranking and visibility on the search engine. Link building helps to increase page authority. experts of SEO company in Glasgow, make the possible way to increase your online presence.

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